“Kurdish culture is in my all works”

“Kurdish culture is in my all works”
“Kurdish culture is in my all works”
Beril Caymaz
  • 6 Nisan 2023 13:28

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Kurdish painter Ali Osman Yanak started drawing when he was 10-12 years old.

He grew up in a family that related to arts, and his drawing journey started at high school.

Ali Osman says that drawing has always been part of his life. His older brother is also a painter. When his brother was drawing his paintings, he was always curious about how he draw.

He has been painting professionally for 23 years and is also interested in music.

Painter Ali Osman told Botan Times about his art.

Painter Ali Osman Yanak

My inspiration comes from everything. For instance, if I am somewhere outside among trees and stones, I look at them or something else comes to my mind at that time I want to draw them.

I also play the tambour. When I play the tambour, I think of something and then I want to draw it. 

Kurdish culture is in my all works, but some of them are visible other is not. I don’t want my work once to be understood. I want someone to look at my work for at least one hour and then see what I want to say. It feels me better.

My art is at the center of my life. The good or bad things in my life cannot break in between me and my art. Sometimes drawing can take up to five-six hours. But I don’t remember when I’m thirsty or hungry, that’s how much I focused on drawing.

Ali draw this picture for the earthquake

All my products have an important place in my heart. During the Adiyaman earthquake, my family and I were there. I can’t describe it but we felt that earthquake. That’s why I made paintings of the earthquake. For me, those are better than my other works.

This news was translated by Yonca Sarsilmaz