Kurdish media monitoring – 13.03.2023

Kurdish media monitoring – 13.03.2023
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Navenda Nûçeyan

Poisoning students is targeting the values ​​of the women’s revolution

For months, poison gas attacks have been carried out against eastern Kurdistan and the whole of Iran. Almost every day, female students are poisoned. As a consequence, dozens of them lost their lives. If this fenomen continues, the situation in the country may get out of control and become more complicated. Also, public protests against the state, which started after the murder of Jina Emini, are expanding.


“Our doctors came to the earthquake area but saw that there are no hospitals”

Doctors in Diyarbakir placed flowers in front of the ruins of the Galeria building for their 4 colleagues who lost their lives in the earthquake.

Botan Times

The massacre of Gazi was not forgotten: The murderers who were on trialed, were not punished

Erkan Simseki stated that even though the facts of the massacre were revealed, they were not punished. Simsek said that Tansu Ciller, Mehmet Agar, Hanefi Avci, and some other people were responsible for that massacre.

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TUIK denied the language of Xwebun

TUIK did not include the Kurdish language in the form that it wanted to fill in with our newspaper Xwebun and rejected the publication language of the newspaper. On the other hand, the police once again prevented the sending of Xwebun to Istanbul.