“As soon as we arrive to the prison, he takes off his clothes”

“As soon as we arrive to the prison, he takes off his clothes”
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As soon as we arrive to the prison, he takes off his clothes” and opens his arms to both sides for the physical search. When he gets to the X-ray machine, he starts taking off his shoes.

Beritan Elyakut

The child of two journalists, Roger Baz, is 3 years old.

He remember all the rules of the prison by going to and from meeting his father in prison.

His father Mazlum Geciken worked as a cameraman in Diyarbakir until June 8, 2022.

He was arrested along with 15 of his colleagues in the June 8 operation.

Roger’s mother, journalist Beritan Elyakut has been angry since her husband has arrested.

She states that going to and from prison causes trauma in her son.

In the beginning, he was looking for his father a lot, asking a lot. We say your father is working and can’t come home.

But one day when we were leaving the prison meeting, he took his father’s hand and asked him to come back with us. After his father did not come, he was angry with him and does not want come again to him. Although we thought that it was temporary, in reality, it has settled as a trauma in the child’s mind.

Beritan Elyakut

Journalist Geciken has been imprisoned for 9 months.

He is charged with ‘organization membership’.

Despite the passage of 9 months, the indictment is still not ready.

Roger Baz, Mazlum Geciken, Beritan Elyakut

My husband and I have been separated for 9 months. It is a very difficult process. Even this is a corridor of uncertainty. To be both a mother and a woman are very tiring. But on the other hand, these arrests give us patience and struggle as a journalist.

Beritan Elyakut

Turkey ranks very badly in the world in terms of arresting journalists.

Journalists who have no hope of justice came together in front of the Diyarbakir court today.

They removed the pictures of imprisoned journalists and demanded the freedom of their friends.

Journalists’ statement in front of Diyarbakir Court

This news was translated by Yonca Sarsilmaz