How did narcotic drugs affect adversely Baris’s life?

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“When I was 9 years old in primary school, I fell into depression due to family problems. I was looking for something standing me up, and at the recommendation of my friends, I started using drugs.”

The story of Baris and narcotic drugs began this way.

According to the 2015 study conducted by the Municipality of Diyarbakır, 75,000 people in the city are drug addicts. 15 thousand people used methamphetamine.

One out of every three drug addicts says that they were forced to be displaced (burning down villages, village guards, etc.) and that caused them for began to do it.

Report of the Municipality of Diyarbakır

I had lost myself

One of that drug addicts is Baris, who is now 20 years old and works in a store in Sur. Baris’s family moved from their village to Diyarbakir 11 years ago. 

Baris told Botan Times about his addiction moments:

I was going home after taking drugs, my family was looking at me and I was decrepit. I had lost myself. I had a hard time with my family. I was not all there. Anymore, I was hurting my body, I lost my life, my school, and my family because of those drugs. 

When I realized this I promised myself that I would never use it again. 


The drug cessation process has never been easy. But I got away from everyone. I also stopped seeing my friends. At that time, I was late to study, but I got a job and focused on my work.

Dersim Dag, a parliament member of Diyarbakir, helped me in this process. We were drinking drugs in the park and she showed us a way that we can get rid of drugs. I listened to her. Then the healing process began.


This news was translated by Yonca Sarsilmaz


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