Kurdish media monitoring – 10.03.2023

Kurdish media monitoring – 10.03.2023
Kurdish media monitoring – 10.03.2023
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Dance of words the book of Herdem Marwani

When I decided to read Herdem Marwani’s book called “Dance of Butterflies”, I had some fears. I thought that if a woman has been in prison for years, how she can get rid of slogans so she can create such verses?


Do we need more letters?

Many people complain about the current Kurdish-Latin alphabet, they thought it doesn’t contain all the necessary letters. Some people’s complaint is about two different types of Ç (four-çar / eye-çav), K (work-kar / doing-kirin), P (curtain-perde / five-penç), and T (fresh-taze / you-te).


“As soon as we arrive to the prison, he takes off his clothes”

The child of two journalists, Roger Baz, is 3 years old.

He has memorized all the rules of the prison by going to and from meeting his father in prison.

His father Mazlum Geciken worked as a cameraman in a production in Diyarbakir until June 8, 2022.

He was arrested along with 15 of his colleagues in the June 8 operation.

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The Football Disciplinary Commission has punished Bursaspor

The Disciplinary Commission of Professional Football (PFDK) has decided that Bursaspor will be played without supporters in 9 matches. Amedspor evaluated the decision by saying “If you had awarded them, it would have been better”.

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