Saadet Party: Kurdish should be one of the official languages in Turkey

<strong>Saadet Party: Kurdish should be one of the official languages in Turkey</strong>
Gulistan Korban Fotoğrafı

Gulistan Korban

Navenda Nûçeyan

Turkey is now in the election process.

President of Turkey Recep Tayip Erdogan announced that the election will be held on the 14th of May.

Parties have already started their works.

Kurds’ votes are also valuable and strategic in this election.

What will political parties promise for Kurds? How do they give place in their programs?

For this issue, Botan Times will invite every political party in Diyarbakir.

In the first week, we visited Saadet Party.

The head of Saadet Party of Diyarbakir Abdurahman Ergin give answer questions of Botan Times.

The head of Saadet Party of Diyarbakir Abdurahman Ergin gives answers to questions of Botan Times.

“Firstly, you should be sincere in solving the problem of Kurdish. If you don’t have sincerity, you won’t succeed. As AKP didn’t succeed. AKP did this only to rise the votes of his party.

Abdurahman Ergin

You can get health services in Arabic and English language, but

The citizens of Diyarbakir has a big language problem. People want to appreciate their mother tongue. The Kurdish language should be the language of education. That is, if it has value, it will talk to all of the state institutions. For example, you can get health service in Arabic and English language but you can’t get it in the Kurdish language, isn’t that unfair? We will remove the obstacles.

Abdurahman Ergin

According to Abdurahman Ergin, the Kurdish problem isn’t only a military problem, it also equal citizenship rights should be officially defined by the law.

He also said that there is a big unemployment problem in the region, and they have more projects the solving this problem.

The Head of the Saadet Party of Diyarbakir stated that they intend for the Kurds’ votes in the election.

The Turkish Parliament has 600 seats, and currently, there is only 1 seat of the Saadet Party.

The party was founded the under the leadership of Necmettin Erbakan.

Since 2016, Kemal Karamollaoglu has been the president of the party.

This news was translated by Yonca Sarsilmaz