Bilge Kutlu: I stole stones to make sculptures

Bilge Kutlu: I stole stones to make sculptures
Bilge Kutlu: I stole stones to make sculptures
Murat Bayram

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“When I’m the happiest and when I’m the saddest, that’s when I make sculptures. I get depressed when I don’t make a product.”

Sculptor Bilge Kutluy expressed her love for sculpture with these words and answered Botan Times’ questions.

The stories behind the products are tragic

“When I took a stone in my hand, I made an artistic product from that stone. Then I remember the importance of the story behind the silhouette of the product. That story not only shapes my work but also gives shape to my feelings.”

“Mostly, I make the shape of women. Women with bitter stories… Then the stress of that difficulty creates heaviness on my heart. I want my cure to be the same. I will make statues of strong Kurdish women and get strength from those statues.”

Kurds, women, artists…

“I am a Kurd, it has its difficulties, I am a woman and an artist. Each of my identities has its challenges. Above all, there were economic obstacles for a while… I stole stones from the side of the roads and made sculptures with them.”

“If I was a painter, I used to do my work in a corner of my house. But I shape stones, using powerful machines. I even pay extra for electricity because of this. Of course, I have to work in a studio. I dream that one day, opportunities will arise and these obstacles will be removed. And… I will make products with my heart.”

Half life and portraits

“Right now I’m working on half portraits, half rests. In other words, incomplete lives: people who died in their youth, were married in their childhood, those who ran away from their homes due to pressure and oppression…”

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This interview was translated by Yonca Sarsılmaz

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