Why do doctors leave the country?

Why do doctors leave the country?
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Gulistan Korban

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The number of doctors who applied for go to another country reached highist level in the March.

The President of Turkey has said to the doctor: they can go wherever they want. Now, these doctors are leaving the country one by one.

According to the date of the Turkish Chamber of Physicians, there were 235 in March, and in three months 2023 totally of 700 doctors applied for a “Certificate of good standing”.

Evin doctor is ony one of them and she told Botan Times about their current situation.

The number of patients that I take care of them in a day is equal to a week of my colleagues in another country.

When I say that I take care of 400 patients in a day, my colleagues in German don’t believe me.

Doctor Evin

I started my work eagerly, I love so much my country, my land, and my nation. I am from Kirsehir, but for giving health care to my nation I came to Diyarbakir. But now, because of this system, I do have not any desire for the work.

Many years, Evin doctor and her husband couldn’t do their job in state hospitals due to security investigations.

After the Constitutional Court ruled on the violation of rights, they started to work.

Evin doctor is 33 years old and has been working in the emergency department for 9 years.


I don’t want to leave here. However, the conditions in the country make it necessary for us to go both materially and spiritually. I have a child 2 years old and he knows Kurdish. But there aren’t any kindergartens or Kurdish schools where he can go and get an education in his language. This case is the biggest cause of our decision to go from here.

During the pandemic process, doctors in Turkey had difficult working conditions and a lack of financial opportunities.

Like hundreds of doctors, doctor Evin will leave the country after a few months.

She is both broken and painful and says “Yes, we are going, but even if it is Europe, we will be second class and refugees.”

This news was translated by Yonca Sarsilmaz