“Until we don’t have nationalist thinking…”

“Until we don’t have nationalist thinking…”
“Until we don’t have nationalist thinking…”
Yonca Sarsılmaz

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A girl who was born into a poor family had a big role to change her nation’s destiny between a pile of men. At a young age, she believed that she could take part in changing the destiny of her nation. And she did so.

Fahriye Adsay

The book “My Life” by Golda Meir has entered our Kurdish literature with the translation of Fahriye Adsay. In Golde Meir’s book, we witness a unique work. It can be said that Golda Meir opens her eyes to the issue of Zionists (Jewish nationalists) and political movements. And this is the main reason to spend her whole life with those issues. From her childhood until she was seventy years old, Meir worked to establish the Jewish state.

Why did she translate this book into Kurdish, What will this book bring or lose to Kurds, What is the relationship between Kurds and Jews…

Fahriye Adsay told to Botan Times about the translation of the book, Golda Meir, Jews, and Kurds:

What did you most feel in the translation process?

Without reading the whole book, I started to translate. For that reason, every part of the book is new excitement for me. It is like a series, it inspired me in every new section.

On the other hand, when I compared us and them, I was sorrowful. I saw that what is lacking us, they have it. Whatever we left unfinished, they accomplished.

What is the necessity of ‘My Life’ in Kurdish, and which gaps will it fill?

For a better understanding of the current situation of Isreal and the issue of Palestine, Golda Meir’s autobiography tells us many things.

And as I said before, Golda’s life is the history of the establishment of a state and the explication of Zionism idea.

What interested you most in the book?

First of all, Golda’s idealism and effort started at a young age and grew stronger until the end of her life. It was quite inspiring.

The second one is the method of socialist Zionists, their implementation of the idea of socialism.

According to you what are the differences between us (Kurds) and Jews?

Of course, there are some main differences and similarities between us. One of the differences is that they were scattered all over the world, and we were/are always on our land.

The second one is the language. Language is a crucial factor for the identity of the nation, as well as for us.

This news was translated by Yonca Sarsilmaz