“There is an intense connection between translator and translation”

“There is an intense connection between translator and translation”
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The 2nd issue of LEWerger Magazine has been released.

LEWerger is a unique poetry translation magazine. The first issue was released on September 1, 2022.

LEWerger’s social accounts announced: “LEWerger has come out with its 2nd issue and strong content!”

The editorial board of LEWerger consists of 3 people. It publishes translations in 3 Kurdish dialects, Kurmanji, Zazaki, and Sorani.

There are 7 editors in the 1st issue and 8 editors in the 2nd issue.

Yeqin H., who is one of the editors and a member of the editorial board of LEWerger, told Botan Times about the magazine, “Readers of our magazine showed an interest in it. This made us feel that we are doing a good and different job. We prepared the second issue with even stronger motivation and with this happiness.”

“The translator sees the poem as part of itself”

Yeqin stated, “We can say that people who work in the field of literature, such as translators, writers, intellectuals and of course intelligent Kurdish readers, have given ownership and a good reception to the magazine.”

He explained, when a translator chooses a poem to translate, s/he sees that poem as his/her own, recognizes it, feels it, and translates it as a part of his/her story of love for poetry.

” Poetry is not sort of food and the translator is not the person who…”

Yeqin H. states that we don’t ask the translator to translate this poem and said, “We don’t give orders and we don’t say so-and-so, can you please translate this poem for us? Poetry is a living thing and it needs to be loved. The translator himself/herself pursues it, finds it, reads it, gets inside it, and loves it. Poetry is not a sort of food; the translator is not the person to give a spoon and say, you should eat like this. There is an intense connection between translator and translation.”

LEWerger has translated poems from 12 languages ​​so far.

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This news was translated by Yonca Sarsilmaz