The Future Party: Municipalities should be autonomous within their boundaries!

The Future Party: Municipalities should be autonomous within their boundaries!
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Gulistan Korban

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The general and presidential elections will be on the 14th of April.

As the elections approach, political parties have also strengthened their activities.

The voice of the Kurdish voters is also valuable and strategic in this election as like in many elections. 

What do political parties promise for the Kurds and what will they do? How do they give place Kurds in their programs?

Every week we go to a political party in Diyarbakir to talk about these questions.

This week we went to the Future Party.

Aydin Altac, the head of the Future Party of Diyarbakır, answered questions from Botan Times on this issue. 

In the history of the Republic of Turkey, the Kurdish problem is the most important and fundamental problem. We know this issue and we say, ‘we will solve it.’

Aydin Altac

Aydin also shares some methods for solving the Kurdish issue;

The rights of the Kurds who live in Turkey must be protected by law.

The problem is clear understanding. The definition of citizenship should be changed. 

Education mother language is a fundamental right and all obstacles in front of it must be removed.

The mother language should also be spoken in official institutions.

He stated that they will put up parliamentarians from Diyarbakir to solve the Kurdish issue in the parliament.

Local governments should be enforced

Aydin Altac, emphasizes the importance of regional governance and says;

Municipalities should be autonomous within their boundaries.

We have seen this in the earthquake process. If the decision is taken from only one center, it leads to problems.

The municipality should be much more effective than the central government.

Aydin Altac

Aydin states that whichever party wins in the elections, the municipality should be supported.

Editor and Translator: Yonca Sarsilmaz