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Diljen Roni sings in concert, 2018, Istanbul Photo: Murat Bayram

When I wrote “journalism” in my notebook, the calendar showed 2008. Life reminded me that you are 20 years old and the university register said you are in second grade.

A university student just graduated, started her career as a doctor, and released an album along with it. I heard that his name is Diljen Roni and he is from Cizira Botan.

Diljen Roni and Murat Bayram, 2008, Hasan Pasha House

We arrange a time and met at Hasan Pasha House in Diyarbakır. Two excited people in a small room…

The interview started… He would have insisted that we talk about his pop-jazz music but I would have mentioned that he is a Bedirkhanian man.

But, when I called him in 2023, I immediately asked him to talk about his music.

My three single albums will be released

Now I have three songs ready to release as single albums. The music is also mine. I love that music is my own. I feel freer to change it later. I can express better my style with songs whose music is mine.

Diljen Roni

One of my dreams is do a duet with Ciwan Haco

When we talked, it was the first interview in my career. One of my dreams was to meet Ciwan Haco and he would listen to my song. After that interview, I participated in a program on Gun TV. After years, Ciwan Haco and I met. He had watched my first program and listened to my songs. I was deeply touched. So I want us to do a duet. I hope that day will come.

Diljen Roni

I have been a doctor for 16 years. I go to the clinic 6 days a week, but music is a thing that doesn’t leave you even if you leave it. It is a part of my life. For example, I will go home from the clinic and on the way, I will sing to myself or listen to music.

Diljen Roni

This news was translated by by Yonca Sarsilmaz

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