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Rewsan is an international singer who sings in 11 languages. She plays four instruments. She wrote her master’s thesis on the musical theater of the French artist Edit Piaf.

Botan Times asked her on behalf of her listeners what she is busy with these days, what are her hopes and wishes.

I have been working on my concerts for a long time. To be able to bring this music to my listeners in good places with a good team, I put a lot of effort into it.

In addition, I have good news for you. Now I am preparing a new album that will consist entirely of my songs.  


One day, I want to wake up to…


I want one day we will wake up and in a clear light, all the tyrannies and oppressions on our land and language will disappear.


The listeners’ comments motivate me a lot. Most of them are about liking the sound and the beauty of the songs. In addition; The sweetest thing in my heart is that the children says they are growing up my your songs. Actually, I am also working with them. This is something unique.  


Photo: From Rewsan’s Archive

This news was translated by Yonca Sarsilmaz

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