Portrenk: I am telling the story of “lonely” people

“I read stories about ‘lonely trees’ by Herman Hesse and I said that I should tell stories of loneliness in my own way.”

The these words are from is Ali Bagdu. He is known as ” Portrenk ” and he has a Instagram account with that name. More than 100 thousand people follows him. He is a 23-year-old director/photographer from Cizira Botan. The young director spoke to Botan Times.

The direction of the camera is towards those who suffer pain and suffering

“I like solitude. Friendship with pain and sorrow is a part of my life. There are many stories of loneliness around us. There are many people and many situations that are left alone and out of sight because no one cares about them. I want to have my own style to tell those stories and make their loneliness a friend with people’s stories.”

The old man did not raise his head for 24 hours

“I don’t forget the mourning of an old man. We were in the train. He did not raise his head for a day and a night. He was looked in the depths of pain. Without talking to him, I also fell into the depths of his worries and pain. I asked him and he just said ‘my three children are dead’ and nothing else…”

I like to see the street

“There was place in the minibus, but a sweet boy went alone in the back of the minibus and did not come to the front. I went to see him. I said to him, ‘whats up’ and he said, ‘I’m enjoying the road trip.’ 

Then we watched the road together. It was really nice to see the road.”

Ali Bagdu

Ali Bagdu captured the footage of a program called “Hayat Tamircisi” where Hasan Kizil makes prosthetic organs for an animal every week.

The young director has also directed the clips of Koma Lawje, Ruken Yilmaz and Berfin Aktay.

A music clip directed by Ali Bagdu

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Note: This news was translated from Kurdish with an automatic translator powered by Google Translate and Botan Times editors edited the translation.