Pall Weşan: A new generation Kurdish publishing house

Pall Broadcasting Night, Inan Eroglu speaks, 14.01.2023, Diyarbekir

Pall Publishing, a new Kurdish publishing house held a party and announced that they had started their work. 

The party was on December 14.

Why is a new publishing house so important for Kurds?

It was forbidden to speak Kurdish in public in Turkey until 1991.

It is estimated that 20-25 million Kurdish citizens live in Turkey, but it is impossible to reach an official figure. Because, according to the law, all Kurds living in Turkey are Turks.

According to Article 66 of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey: Everyone bound to the Turkish State through the bond of citizenship is a Turk.

The Kurdish news and culture website Diyarname publishes a list of books published in Turkey every year. According to the site, Kurdish publishing houses published only 350 books in Kurdish in Turkey in 2022.

 In response to BotanTimes’ question about what is the difference between this publishing house and existing publishing houses, the general director of the publishing house, Inan Eroglu said:

Inan Eroglu

This is a new generation publishing house. Our works will be according to the needs of today.

  • The books will be published as audio-books. Now it is a trend that people listen to books.
  • The digital version of the books, e-books, will be published. It is difficult to find printed books for people in far away or Europe. E-books will be available all over the world.
  • We have many editors. Each book will go through a very difficult editing process.
Inan Eroğlu, General Director of Pall Publishing

Poet Yehya Omerî is one of the editors of the publishing house. He told BotanTimes:

We are not saying that we will publish many works of poetry, but we will publish many successful works.

Yehya Omerî, editor of Pall Publishing

Şiraz Baran, the legal advisor of the publishing house, stated:

Şiraz Baran

I mostly read e-books now, but I can’t find Kurdish books. First of all, as a reader of Kurdish books, I am happy with this publishing house.

Şiraz Baran, Legal Adviser of the publisher

After the introduction, the participants danced.

Pall Weşan staff


Rojda Yashik

Yehya Omari

Semra Güçlü

Muhammad Şarman

Inan Eroglu

Proof Reading & Editing

Ikram Baban

Mem Artemet

Ekrem Yıldız


Emir Tahir

Audio Editor

Erol Şaybak


Omer Faruk Baran

Brûsk Aryan

Social Media and Technical Jobs

Armanç Dayan


Nalin Keskin


M. Selim Dönmez

Language Consultant

Ergin Öpengin

Legal Advisor

Şiraz Baran

General Director of Publishing

Inan Eroglu

Content photos: Murat Bayram BotanTimes