Kurdish media monitoring – 27.01.2023

Kurdish media monitoring – 27.01.2023
Kurdish media monitoring – 27.01.2023
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  • 27 Ocak 2023 08:06

International Delegation: The struggle of Kurds is a struggle for democracy and human rights

The international delegation Against Isolation consists of lawyers, academicians, and journalists and includes 36 people from 7 countries, today 12 of them visited the Democratic Society Congress (KCD), the Democratic REgion Party (DBP), and Kurdistan Union Parties.

Mezopotamia Acency

The court blocked the website of Yeni Yasam (New Life) newspaper

The authorities of Yeni Yasam have announced that their website was blocked. They stated in their news, the Justice of Peace and Criminal of Zonguldak has ordered the blocking and they also don’t know the real cause. The newspaper keeps going its publication on the website of the yeniyasamgazetesi4.com.

bianet Kurdish

Literary journalism and the example of “Maybe she will sleep tonight”

At the beginning of my article, I want to mention briefly the concept of “literary journalism” and the short history of using this concept. Then I will evaluate “Maybe she will sleep tonight” by Murat Bayram as an example of literary journalism in the Kurdish language.


Saadet Party: Kurdish should be one of the official languages in Turkey

Turkey is now in the election process.

President of Turkey Recep Tayip Erdogan announced that the election will be held on the 14th of May.

Parties have already started their works.

Kurds’ votes are also valuable and strategic in this election.

What will political parties promise for Kurds? How do they give place in their programs?

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This news was translated by Yonca Sarsilmaz