Kurdish media monitoring – 26.01.2023

Kurdish media monitoring – 26.01.2023
Kurdish media monitoring – 26.01.2023
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There are border gates but no trade

The former head of the Chamber of Accountants and Independent Financial Consultants Ibrahim Sahin said that even though there are several border gates in Van, they are at the end of the exports’ list and this is due to state policies.

Mezopotamia Agency

HDP, KCD, and DBP will march toward Gemlik for protesting the isolation

KCD co-chairman Ozturk said about the march that will take place in February: “The main goal of our march that will start from Qoser and Gever and continue until Ankara is to quickly meet Ocalan with his lawyers.”

bianet Kurdi

Iran sentenced a pregnant woman to death

Despite all the warnings of international institutions, the Iranian regime continues its threats of execution to suppress the uprising of the Iranian people. According to the announcement of the United Nations Human Rights Council, Iran has sentenced a pregnant Kurdish woman to death. Also, the council has called for urgent action to save this pregnant woman from execution.


21 Mexican journalists were disappeared

In 2022, most journalists were killed in Mexico and Haiti.

Although it is not a place of war, Latin America is the most dangerous place for journalists.

Botan Times

This news was translated by Yonca Sarsilmaz

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