Kurdish media monitoring – 25.01.2023

Kurdish media monitoring – 25.01.2023
Kurdish media monitoring – 25.01.2023
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There isn’t any other example like it in history

Opposing and enemy states such as the USA and Russia have acted together on the conspiracy. In this way, about 15 states are joining this conspiracy and deciding the fate of the Kurdish people. 


Kurdish directors are also going to the Berlinale, the program was announced

The 73rd Berlin International Film Festival “Berlinale” will be held between February 16-26. 18 films are competing for the Golden Bear Award. The winning films will be awarded in a ceremony on the 25th of the month. Kurdish directors also participate in the festival with their films. The program of the festival and the films in the competition have not been announced.


An academic thesis: How are digital Kurdish magazines?

Academician Leyla Ozkaplan briefly talked about digital magazines with these words.

She answered the questions of Botan Times about her thesis entitled “From the point of view of alternative media, magazine publishing for digital magazines of culture and art”.

Botan Times

The February program of Amed City Theater has been announced

In February, “Seyrana Li Ceper”, “Dek ou Dolaben Scapen”, “Hema Hema Jin Elizabeth” and several other plays will be shown.

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