Kurdish media monitoring – 23.01.2023

Kurdish media monitoring – 23.01.2023
Kurdish media monitoring – 23.01.2023
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Navvies wanted their daily wage to be 600 lira

Navvies held a protest in Diyarbakir and stated that they will not go to work until their daily wages are 600 lira.


Tosun: The Ministry of Justice’s statement does not come up with a solution

 According to IHD data from April 2022, in Turkish prisons, there are 651 thousand and 517 seriously ill prisoners. The Ministry of Justice published a circular letter entitled “Process of the Mitigation or Removal of Sentences of Persons Due to Disabilities or Permanent Illness”.

Lawyer Jiyan Tosun stated that the Ministry of Justice’s circular letter is not a solution for sick prisoners and said: “The only solution is to remove the ‘discriminating’ clauses in the Constitutional Court.”

Mesopotamia Agency

Journalist Aygul: I live in fear to be killed

Kurdish journalist Sınan Aygul, who works as a journalist in Bedlis, has been investigated 7 times for his news. A day ago, he was detained again and released after statements. He is detained almost every month.

Aygul said, “I am afraid that one day they will kill me in the street.” But I will fight for our colleague.”


In Turkey, one out of two children is facing hunger and poverty!

The Association of Parents of Students (Veli-Der) shared the report of the 1st semester of the 2022-2023 academic year.

According to the report of the association, one out of every two children is facing hunger.

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This news was translated by Yonca Sarsilmaz