Kurdish media monitoring – 2.02.2023

Kurdish media monitoring – 2.02.2023
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Botan Times

Navenda Nûçeyan

A concert is organized to create a forest in Shengal

The Peace and Hope Initiative of Kurdistan is building a forest in Shengal. For that, a concert is held in Bielefeld on the 3rd of the month. Artists Yelda Abbasi, Laia Genc, ​​Nur Dilovani, and Beata Wolf will participate in the concert.


Hard days in the nomads: We can’t even buy a kilo of straw

Every year in Şirnak, after the weather warms up in the region, the nomads go to the highland. When the weather freezes, they return to the plain, a warm place. In the region, people who make a living from livestock farming are having a hard time due to the current economic crisis. Nomads also had a bad effect on this economic crisis. Nomads cannot do their jobs due to high prices and high costs.

Mesopotamia Agency

Anthony Blinken met with Mahmud Abbas

Anthony Blinken announced after his meeting in Ramallah with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. US President Joe Biden is committed to the idea of ​​a two-state solution.


Riddles of Meli Village / Botan Region

Riddles are known in some regions as “enigma”. I collected these riddles below in 2010 for my website Kurdigeh. The village of Meli is 10 kilometers away from the center of Sirnak.

Botan Times

Freedom House added journalist Safiye Alagaş to its list

Freedom House has launched a campaign for rights defenders and journalists imprisoned around the world and has replaced JINNEWS News Director Safiye Alagaşa since June 16, 2022.

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This news was translated by Yonca Sarsilmaz