Kurdish media monitoring – 19.01.2023

  • 19/01/2023
Kurdish media monitoring – 19.01.2023
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HDP will not join in the meetings of the Constitutional Committee

The spokesperson of the HDP Group, Meral Danis Bestas, stated that the Constitutional Committee cannot set a commission with who tramples constitutional rights and said this: “We will not participate in the meetings of the Constitutional Commission to ‘cover up’.”


The more they attack, the stronger we become”

Citizens who reacted to settle of HDP and blocking its treasury grant accounts said that the more they attack, the stronger we become. 

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A Turkish football team has canceled the contract of a footballer because he is Kurdish

The Genclerbirligi team signed a contract with the Kurdish footballer Rodin Cem Deprem yesterday and canceled that contract today.

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“Turkish teachers see the ignorance of Turkish language of Kurdish children as a mental illness”

Psychologist Sinda Baris said that one day a family and their son came next to me. His family had just moved to Istanbul from Nisebin. The child’s teacher said, “Your child has a problem, he cannot understand comfort and does not make friends with anyone, he needs special education.”

Psychologist Sinda Baris explains the situation of Kurdish students living in metropolises with these words.

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Nubihar Association: We should prefer the elective courses in Kurdish

The Nubihar Association published a statement about the selection of the Kurdish course. The association says that the choice of courses in secondary schools is an official right given to students. Among these lessons, there are Kurmanji and Zazak in grades 5-6-7-8. To be able to choose these classes, parents should apply to the school administrations through requests and indicate Kurmanji or Zazaki among these optional classes. This year, applications for the spring term can be submitted until February 10, 2023.


Translated by Yonca Sarsilmaz