Kurdish media monitoring – 16.01.2023

Kurdish media monitoring – 16.01.2023
Kurdish media monitoring – 16.01.2023
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Sancar: We appealed to the Constitutional Court

HDP Co-President Mithat Sancar stated in the press conference of the HDP center that they have applied to the Constitutional Court and the purpose and plan of the case blocked the HDP.


During the election process, 2,071 newspapers are published in Turkey, 1 is Kurdish

The opposition and pro-government media have increased the number of their publications on the Turkish presidential election. 

There are still very limited resources for Kurdish media followers. The number of Kurdish citizens is estimated to be 20-25 percent of the population of Turkey. But the percentage of representation in the media is much lower.


The Language Commissions of Bar Associations were held

Language commissions have been established under the auspices of Kurdish bar associations. These commissions continue their work on language. Now they have all organized a workshop together.


Ezȋzȇ Gerdenzerȋ: “The state of Kurdish literature today, which starts at a low level, has now reached a high level”

The state of Kurdish literature today, we can say proudly, that it is on a low level and has entered a high level. Now we can say that some novels and poems by Kurdish writers have been written in a very good style, so they have been translated and published in other languages.


The recommendation regarding the bones in Zilan has not been accepted

On July 13, 1930, thousands of Kurds were massacred in the Zilan Valley, which is located in Erdiş Van. The dam of Koçkopri was built on the river of Zilan Valley. After the water in the dam decreased on December 12, 2022, many human bones were found. Regarding the bones, a proposal was given for research. However, it has not been accepted.

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MYK of HDP met

The Central Management Board of HDP met with the agenda of the meeting of the Union of Labor and Freedom, the election, and the “Democratic Republic Conference”. 

The Central Management Board (MYK) of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) met under the leadership of the General Co-Presidents Pervin Buldan and Mithat Sancar. In the meeting that will be held at the HDP’s Head Office the meeting of the Union of Labor and Freedom, which took place on January 15 in Istanbul Kartal, will be evaluated and the work on the preparations for the election will be evaluated.

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Prepared by Murat Bayram and translated by Yonca Sarsilmaz

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