Kurdish media monitoring – 15.03.2023

Kurdish media monitoring – 15.03.2023
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Navenda Nûçeyan

“We will be together in the field with mobilization”

This year, Newroz will be celebrated on March 19 in Kadıfekale, where Rahaşan Demirel lit the Newroz fire with his band. Mahsun Koç, a member of the Izmir Newroz Organizing Committee, said that the end of power has come and all peace-loving people should be in the Newroz fields. 

Mesopotamia Agency

Iraq wanted from Turkey to release water

The spokesman of the Ministry of Water Resources of Iraq announced that they have asked Turkey to release more of Iraq’s water from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The spokesman announced that Iraq needs 400-500 cub meters of water every second.


“People even don’t drink water to avoid going to the toilet”

37 days have passed since the earthquakes of February 6. However, water and sanitation problems have not been solved in the earthquake region.

A doctor from Adiyaman said: “People don’t flush the toilet so they don’t go to the toilet.”

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