Kurdish media monitoring – 14.03.2023

Kurdish media monitoring – 14.03.2023
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Kurdish historian Mele Mahmoud Bazidi

Mele Mahmudê Bazidi (b. 1797 Bazid – d. 1863 Erzurum) is a Kurdish writer and the founder of Kurdish literature. In the 19th century, Bazidi wrote Ahmed Xani’s Mem and Zin in prose form, which is considered the first modern story. Also, Mele Mahmud Bazidi draws attention to his plurality among Kurdish writers.


HDP’s Diyarbakır co-chair Zeyyat Ceylan: Our 11 points are the election criteria

The co-chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP)’s Diyarbakir Zeyyat Ceylani, stated that “The collapsed Nationalist Alliance faced the pressure of public opinion and because of this, they met again.”

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Iran is scared of self-identified women

The pressure and violence of the Iranian regime on women changes in every period. Especially after the riots that started with the murder of Jina Emini in September, these acts of violence became more prominent. 


KNK co-chair Murad: That conference was a response to Turkey’s attacks

KNK co-chair Zeyneb Murad stated that the 17th International Kurdish Conference was a great achievement and said: “This conference was a response that no one can stop the voice of the Kurds and the voice of truth. It was a response to Turkey’s attacks that we are everywhere and we can win the Kurdish cause both with our politics and with our diplomacy.” 

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A nurse from Adiyaman: What we say is lacking, what we say is unfinished

Passed more than a month after the Kahramanmaras earthquakes, which affected 10 cities. 

Adiyaman is one of the cities that was destroyed in the earthquake.

Sultan who is a nurse and originally from Adiyaman, says about her city, “We can neither return nor stay here.”

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This news was translated by Yonca Sarsilmaz