Kurdish media monitoring – 08.03.2023

Kurdish media monitoring – 08.03.2023
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Mela Bahtiyar: If PDK and YNK do not come to terms, the situation in the region will get worse

The member of the Supreme Political Council of YNK, Mela Bahtiyar stated that due to the disagreement between KDP and YNK, there was a big impact on the status of the Kurdistan Region. For that, they should agree as soon as possible and elections should be held.


A New Play from Sanesin Performance: “(Penceşêr)Cancer”

There are Kurdish theaters in Istanbul, Amed, Batman, and Van, and in Mardin, one more was added to them in 2022: Sanesin Performance.

Sanesin Performances, as a theater group led by some Kurdish teachers and volunteers in this field, was established on February 9, 2022, in Mardin.


Fahriya Adsay: Until we don’t have nationalist thinking…

The book “My Life” by Golda Meir has entered our Kurdish library with the translation of Fahriya Adsay. In Golde Meir’s book, we witness a unique work. It can be said that Golda Meir opens her eyes to the issue of Zionists (Jewish nationalists) and political movements. And this is the main reason to spend her whole life with those issues. From her childhood until she was seventy years old, Meir worked to establish the Jewish state.

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The Diyarbakır Bar Association has filed a complaint against Cicek Sepeti for the photos “Green” and “White Torosa”.

The bar has filed a complaint against the online trading platform Cicek Sepeti, which sold the image of the JITEM triggerman Mahmut Yildirim, nicknamed Yesil and “White Bull”, on its website.

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This news was translated by Yonca Sarsilmaz