Kurdish media monitoring – 01.02.2023

Kurdish media monitoring – 01.02.2023
Kurdish media monitoring – 01.02.2023
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What are the benefits of lemon water?

The lemon which gives flavor to our salads, meals, and desserts on our tables is a fruit that belongs to the citrus family. Lemon is used in many different fields, including cleaning products and cosmetics, because it has a pleasant aroma and properties. You can use both lemon peel and juice. Due to the smell and color of lemon peel, it is preferred in cakes and sweets, and the benefits and uses of lemon juice are also very wide. 


Turkey’s justice system should stop oppressing the RSF representative

Journalists Without Borders (RSF) called on the Turkish authorities to drop all charges against its representative.

RSF representative Erol Onderoglu has been tried 16 times in seven years and will be tried for the 17th time on February 1.

Botan Times

Astera Mortezai: The queues of Jina have become a symbol of freedom

Astera Mortezaiyê said for her performance: “Those queues have become a symbol of the power of freedom. Because of that many women expressed their anger by cutting their hair.”

Astera Mortezai, who lives in the Netherlands, has performed a performance called “The Power of Queues” in the Netherlands after the murder of Jina Mahsa Amini. The performance took place on December 14 at the Gouda Museum. During the performance, the women tied their necklaces together and wanted to show the power of women.

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A calling for participation in the Gemlik March: We will resist against isolation

Co-head of MED TUHAD-FED Safiye Akdag called for the Gemlik march against the isolation of the PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan and said: “We will defense this march that is against the isolation.”

 Mesopotamia Agency

This news was translated by Yonca Sarsilmaz