Head of the IYI Party of Diyarbakır: The Kurdish announcement should be included in the planes coming to Diyarbakır

Head of the IYI Party of Diyarbakır: The Kurdish announcement should be included in the planes coming to Diyarbakır
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Vejdin Ensarioglu, the head of the İYİ Party in Amed

Turkey is now in the election process.

Parties have already started their work.

Kurds’ votes are also valuable and strategic in this election.

What will political parties promise for Kurds? How do they give place in their programs?

For this issue, Botan Times will invite a political party in Diyarbakir.

This week, the Head of the IYI Party in Diyarbakır, Vejdin Ensarioglu, answers Botan Times’ questions.

Ensarioglu answers our question about education in the mother tongue,

Education in the mother tongue is a legitimate right. The number of elective courses can be increased. Therefore a survey should be conducted in the public. If the people want to increase the hours of Kurdish lessons, it should be increased.

Vejdin Ensarioglu

“There is Turkish and English, why is there no Kurdish”

The head of the IYI Party in Diyarbakır, Vejin Ensarioglu, says that if they come into power, they will add Kurdish announcements to the planes coming to Diyarbakır and says:

I come and go by plane many times and it has attracted my attention a lot… For example, there are Turkish and English announcements on the planes coming to Diyarbakır, but why is there no one in Kurdish? Some people don’t even know Turkish, so why is this being done to them? There should be announcements in Kurdish on the trips to Amed.

Before now, I said also but after me, the Head of AKP in Diyarbakir said: “Why not happen” But if we come to power we will not say “why not happen” we will do it.

Vejdin Ensarioglu

“One State, one flag, but not one nation”

Vejdin Ensarioglu remembers the words of President Erdoğan, “One flag, one state, and one nation” and says;

There can’t be one nation because there isn’t only one nation in this country. There are other nations too. But there is one flag and one state.

Vejdin Ensarioglu

The Turkish Parliament has 600 seats and 37 representatives of the IYI Party.

The IYI party is a nationalist party. It was established by Meral Akşener on October 25, 2017, and 4 parliaments were exported from the Nationalist Movement Party. 

Meral Akşener has been the leader of the party since that year.

This news was translated by Yonca Sarsilmaz