HDP: Why is the Governor of Diyarbakir appointed by Ankara?

HDP: Why is the Governor of Diyarbakir appointed by Ankara?
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Gulistan Korban

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There are less than two months to the general and presidential elections of Turkey.

As the elections approach, political parties have also strengthened their activities.

The voice of the Kurdish voters is also valuable and strategic in this election as in many elections. 

What do political parties promise for the Kurds and what will they do? How do they give place Kurds in their programs?

Every week we go to a political party in Diyarbakir to talk about these questions.

This week we were guests of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP).

Co-chairman of HDP in Diyarbakir Zeyyad Ceylan answered our questions.

He answers, “What is the problem of Kurds according to you?”

For us, the problem of the Kurds; is Halabja, Afrin, Sheikh Seid, and Seid Riza, the denial of the Kurds. The prohibitions on the language. For a hundred years, the system has not stopped denying and oppressing Kurds. And the Kurds have not stopped their resistance. The struggle of people will not end until those things end.

“Why is the Governor of Diyarbakir appointed by Ankara?”

Co-chairman of HDP in Diyarbakır reminded us that the appointment of the guardian ad litem of Diyarbakir, which they won.

Municipalities should be autonomous within the borders of Turkey. We protect local governance. Decisions about cities should not be taken from the center. The people of that city should make their own decision. Why is the Governor of Diyarbakir appointed by Ankara? Why Does a person who does not know the culture and history of Diyarbakir decide about the city? Let the people appoint the Governor of Diyarbakir. 

Zeyyad Ceylan

Ceylan criticizes the opposition parties because they have promised to the Kurds.

Every party can say that we have done something for the Kurds. They said that we will do something for Kurds. They are lying. What have other parties done for the Kurdish language, and for the unity of the Kurds? What have they done for the grave of Sheikh Said? Their words aren’t matter. We don’t say we will do it, we did it.

Zeyyad Ceylan

When was the party founded?

The People’s Democratic Party (HDP) was founded on October 15, 2012.

It has a group that consists of 56 in the Turkish Parliament. 

The co-chairs of the party are Mithat Sancar and Pervin Buldan.

The party will enter the elections on May 14, with the list of the Left Green Party.

This news was translated by Yonca Sarsilmaz