Three books cost is more than one student scholarship

Three books cost is more than one student scholarship
Three books cost is more than one student scholarship
Beril Caymaz

Inflation in Turkey, which according to the government is 85%, also affected the buying and selling of books.

The statistics of the Publishers Federation (YAY-FED) show that publishers published more than 31 million books in 2021, but that number dropped to 28 million this year. 

The prices of books have increased by 100% due to the price of paper and costs such as paint.

Botan Times talked to booksellers, booksellers and readers about the situation of buying and selling books. 

“There is no book for 40 Lira anymore”

Pirtukakurdi coordinator Bawer Berşev informed that in the last 2 years the prices have increased every 2 months.

Berşev stated that there is no book for 40 Lira anymore and said that there is a great possibility that publishers will increase the prices once again after the New Year.

“Customers are looking for a bargain”

The owner of Don Kişot (Don Quixote Bookstore) Mehmet Bozkurt, said that after the price of books, the interest in books has increased.

Bozkurt said that they sell a book worth 80 lira for 40 lira and customers keep coming at this discount.

He stated that if the crisis continues, it will also affect the sahafas (second-hand booksellers) and they will not be able to read the books.

“Swap is becoming popular again”

Merve Ateş, the owner of Reynal Sahaf, drew attention to the situation of students who cannot buy books because of the high price.

Ateş said that she had already opened a second-hand booksellers, but after seeing that students want to sit in the store and read books for free, she put a few tables in the store and turned it into a book-cafe. 

According to Ateş, with the increase in the price of books, it has once again become popular for students to exchange books when they have little money. 

Students turn to paper and photocopiers

Some students in Reynal Sahaf told Botan Times on the condition that their names are not revealed that they can no longer get books, so they are turning to photocopiers and photocopiers.

One of the students said that she bought 3 original textbooks for 700 lira and another one said that when there are no opportunities, they read books from applications. 

This news was translated from Kurdish into English by Murat Bayram. Click to read in Kurdish.